Dr Duraid Al Hadithi – 150 surgeries with the Lumenis™ Pulse™ 120H

Returning to Al-Ramadi was not easy, war had destroyed everything including our hospitals, it was like the whole town took 100 steps backwards. I came back to find my patients with more severe problems, more and bigger stones because at that time their medical condition was their last concern.

I couldn’t keep taking backward steps, I couldn’t give up and let my patients down leaving them with no option but to travel and get treatment abroad so I challenged myself and decided to bring them the most advanced technology which they deserve. To do that, I decided to start from the top so I chose Lumenis™ Pulse™ 120H.

This laser machine added a lot to my skills as a surgeon with its magical (Moses) technology on stones to keep its calm during its journey to vanish.

The high frequency laser brings dusting of stones into reality even for the large Staghorn stone.

All of this plus shorter surgery time gives the patient a clean surgery, rapid recovery for work, and higher quality of medical care.


After 3 months of my journey with Lumenis™ Pulse™ 120H, and after more than 150 surgeries I can safely say that the Lumenis™ Pulse™ 120H will be a reason for a better future in urology.