In Blood we Clot

WoundClot Surgical is designed for internal applications in several aspects:

  • It is bio-absorbable and can be left in the wound to degrade safely.
  • Applying pressure on the wound is not needed nor recommended to stop bleeding.
  • By gently placing the gauze over the wound and ensuring that the fingers are placed slightly around the wound and not directly on it, the gel will adhere to the source of bleeding and immediately begin to absorb the blood.
  • WoundClot is designed to conform to any shape. if needed, it can be rolled or folded into desired shape and applied directly on the wound.
  • If needed, the remaining gel can be taken out easily without pulling on the tissue or surrounding vessels by simply rinsing the area with water or saline. The platelets that adhered to the wound by intermolecular forces are released and replaced with water that separates the gel from the tissue.
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The WoundClot bio absorbable surgical gauze is intended for bleeding control during surgical procedures.

Encourages Coagulation

Coagulation is a complex chain reaction, where different elements are motivated into action, conditioned from other reactions. The ability to influence these reactions speeds the whole
coagulation process

Hemodynamic Gel

WoundClot is designed to maintain its integrity through polymeric chains, specifically designed to interact with water molecules to form a physical cross linked network, which is manageable and natural.

Adheres to the Wound

The ability to adhere to a bleeding wound reduces the amount of pressure needed in order to stop bleeding, thus preventing