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About Ad-Tech Medical Instrument Corporatio

Ad-Tech Medical Instrument Corporation is the leading and well respected manufacturer and distributor worldwide of intra-cranial monitoring devices (“electrodes”) for the treatment of intractable epilepsy as well as complimentary neurosurgical instrumentation. Ad-Tech’s electrode devices are used for long-term EEG monitoring, mapping, SEEG, and stimulation of the brain for persons with intractable epilepsy and other brain diseases/disorders. Ad-Tech proprietary designs include subdural strip and grid electrodes, dual sided subdural electrodes, depth electrodes, depth electrodes with micro contacts, foramen ovale electrodes, intraoperative electrodes, cranial nerve electrodes and spinal electrodes as well as related products including electrode placement kits/accessory placement devices and brain biopsy needles. Ad-Tech’s devices feature design elements such as advanced materials and components as well as field leading ease of use and connectivity, utilizing Ad-Tech’s patented connection systems. Ad-Tech’s devices are recognized for their elegant design, attention to the neurosurgeon’s requirements and simplicity of construction, resulting in safe and effective devices.