Provides a sturdy platform for retraction and a

ready support or hand rest for the surgeon.

Integra Mayfield Budde® Halo Radiolucent Retractor System

Attaches to MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps.

  • Radiolucent components allow the system to remain in place during intraoperative imaging for optimal efficiency
  • Compatible with the MAYFIELD® Radiolucent Headrest System (A-2004)

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Failure to read and follow these instructions may result in serious injury. Before using this product, carefully read the product insert for correct usage and warnings associated with any other desired support equipment to be used with this product prior to its use.

Forcing the metal Retractor Arms to move against their present tension will cause the cable in the Retractor Arm to wear and possibly break. The ball joints will also become scored and the arm will tend to drift. After a period of time, drifting may occur even though the “T” handle is made tight. This is usually due to the drawbar threads becoming worn, necessitating replacement of the part. Components should be returned for repair if wear is noted.