Premiere Light Sources

Luxtec pro Xenon

The Integra Luxtec MLX 300 xenon light source is one of the premiere light sources in the entire surgical industry. Sunlight is the ideal light for humans to work. It gives you the color distinction you need in surgery. The MLX Xenon lightsource gives you true white light, not harsh actinic white light with blue shading.

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Cool, bright LED light

  • Homogenous illumination across a broad range of surgical procedures
  • Cool LED light eliminates concerns over heat generation
  • Vibrant color rendition maximizes visualization of critical anatomy
  • 25,000+ hour lamp life limits uncertainty over system brightness and cost of ownership

Simple, quiet and comfortable

  • Simple 2-point adjustment enables comfortable fit for all heads of all sizes
  • Unique negative-flow cooling system is whisper-quiet
  • Easy to reach 4-position intensity switch is mounted on the headband

Greater Freedom

  • Light weight 20’ power cord increases freedom from clutter of floor stands and fiber optic cables
  • Light weight battery power allows untethered movement from side to side of the operating table and from OR to OR