Leica Surgical Microscopes South Africa

Leica Surgical Microscopes South Africa

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Intamed Medical Technologies are the leading distributor of Leica Microscopes in South Africa.  Leica Microscopes, a world leader in microscopy develops and manufactures premium surgical microscopes in Ophthalmology Microscopes, Neurosurgery Microscopes, (ENT) Surgical Microscopes, Dental Surgery Microscopes and many more…

Leica Microscopes offers the South African market an incomparable quality in optical precision and innovative technology. Leica’s Microscopes revolutionary technology, unites a superior depth of field with substantial resolution to construct an unmatched view of the surgical field. Remarkable Visuals, amplified detail insight into deep incisions, merges Leica’s technology with world-renowned optical quality and advanced illumination.

Ophthalmology Microscopes South Africa

You want the best… There are a number of factors which could require eye surgery; from aesthetic adjustments to vision-saving procedures. Each surgery consists of its own advantages, threats, and indications for use. From corrective treatments to orbital implants, Leica’s Ophthalmology Microscopes South Africa provide Ophthalmologic Surgeons with the most reliable, innovative technology in surgical microscopy support.

Surgery on the rear section of the eye reveals unique complexities for the Ophthalmologic Surgeon as well as the Ophthalmology microscope, due to the fact that the retina is significantly light-sensitive, and merely a minimal degree lighting is permitted. This indicates the optics are required to operate very efficiently. Leica’s Ophthalmology Microscopes are manufactured with Leica’s Low Light concept – with direct halogen luminosity and high-intensity transmission optics – offers the required contrast ratio for retina operations.

Leica Neurosurgery Microscopes South Africa

Leica’s premium Neurosurgery microscopes South Africa solutions feature brilliant illumination and customizable options to offer Neurosurgeons the quality and reliability they need to perform their best in the operating room.

Neurosurgery microscopes from Leica Microsystems provide high-quality optics and engineering for cranial, spine, multi-disciplinary and other microsurgery disciplines.

With FusionOptics, Leica Neurosurgery Microscopes ensure that you not only acquire a more substantial area in full focus, but additionally signifies that there are significantly less need to refocus the microscope which assists to improve workflow. FusionOptics, the cutting edge innovations from Leica Microsystems, unites a superior detail of field with excessive image resolution to establish an excellent view of the surgical field.

Otolaryngology (ENT) Surgical Microscopes South Africa

Surgeons always strive to achieve the absolute best patient outcome. To accomplish that it is futile that surgeons have an optic view of every fine detail even in limited channels as well as to easily maneuver themselves together with their surgical instruments. Leica Microscope Systems for ENT features exclusive FusionOptics technology for exceptional visualization in a purpose-designed otolaryngology configuration. Remarkable operating reach and controlled placement produce the adaptability surgeons require. Strive for the highest patient care, trust in Leica microscope South Africa.

Acquire premium quality imaging in addition to outstanding LED lighting with Leica microscopes for Otolaryngology (Ear-Nose-Throat) surgical operations. Providing distinctive advantages for ear, nasal and throat surgeons, these microscopes can be personalized with tubes, objective lenses, handles, stands and more for a variety of microsurgery applications.

Dental Surgery Microscopes South Africa

Regardless of whether you specialize in endodontics, periodontics, implantology or alternative restaurative dental sector, Leica Dental Surgery Microscopes South Africa delivers solutions well suited for any dental practice. Showcasing world-renowned optics, Leica dental microscopes seamlessly incorporate the capabilities that will be needed for seamless surgical procedures. You can see greater than ever before with crystal-clear apochromatic features and excellent dimension of field.

The Leica M320 dental microscope facilitates dental surgeons accomplish their ultimate goal of rendering superb surgical results. Leica Dental Microscopes provides premium optical quality to maximize surgery visualizations of fine anatomical details and substantial ergonomic benefits that assist surgeons to operate effortlessly throughout their careers. Additionally to assist patient relationships, the full HD camera allows surgeons to describe procedures by means of video or live image, then simply to transfer the information to patient’s files for thorough documentation.

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