Versatile, Powerful, Reliable

Lumenis Laser 1

100W of power for effective HoLEP procedures
• Usage of high power to reduce procedure time1
• Over 15 years of clinical evidence have made HoLEP the right choice for Urologists and patients worldwide
• HoLEP is recommended by the AUA for BPH2 . Among its advantages are a low reoperation rate, and wide patient applicability. Compared with alternative treatment options for BPH, HoLEP has a major advantage in efficacy and safety

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Stone-Dusting Lithotripsy is very efficient at pulverizing stones of any size and type. Clinical evidence
suggests that stone dusting may reduce the need for basket extraction thereby reduce possible complications
associated with the routine use of ureteral access sheaths
The low energy per pulse applied in dusting typically minimizes retropulsion.

Embedded homeostasis capabilities

Pulse reshaping technology is designed to better address bleeding and retropulsion.

Innovative design and GUI

An intuitive GUI with a touch screen allows for the tracking of accumulated energy during the procedure
and double settings are controlled by the systems’dual pedals.

Customizable dual pedals

Allows for easy switching between laser settings during procedure. This feature might be applied for
having one pedal dedicated for hemostasis in order to address bleeding faster and more efficiently.