Holmium Laser System for Lithotripsy and Soft Tissue

Lumenis Laser 4

Specially Designed to effectively address any kind of stone in lithotripsy and soft tissue 
– Over 130 different energy and frequency settings to address any type or size of stone and soft tissue effectively and rapidly
– 0.2J of energy per pulse minimizes migration of stones
– Pre-programmed Pulse Reshaping Technology designed to better address bleeding and retropulsion
– High energy per pulse and high repetition rate (3.5J and 25Hz) enable a rapid fragmentation rate even with hard stones
– Dual-pedal enables two different working modes operating simultaneously
– Hands-free ready/standby mode for improved ease of use

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A Comprehensive Solution

Lumenis Pulse 50H combined the new SlimLineTM 200 D/F/L ball-shaped fiber tip is designed to reduce the risk
of damaging the flexible scope during initial fiber insertion. The combination of different laser parameters allows for a wide
range of clinical procedures, including Urology, Arthroscopy, General Surgery, ENT, Gynecology, Gastroenterology and
more. The system is validated for the full range of Lumenis fibers to increase the system’s reliability and extend the fiber

Ease of Use

Innovative design and GUI
An intuitive GUI with touch screen allows for the tracking of accumulated energy during the procedure and double settings are controlled by the systems’ dual pedals.
Customizable dual pedals
Allows for easy switching between laser settings during procedure. This feature may be applied by having one pedal dedicated to hemostasis in order to address bleeding.
Enhanced Visibility
Green aiming beam for enhanced endoscopic visibility.

60% reduction in retropulsion

With 60% less retropulsion, you can minimize the incidents of ureteral stone migration into the kidney. You may also avoid chasing the stones in the bladder or kidney.

Embedded Homeostasis Capabilities

– Innovative Pulse Reshaping Technology allows physician to quickly switch to a longer pulse to better address bleeding and retropulsion.
– Holmium is well absorbed in water, penetrates tissue in a clear and controlled manner and prevents charring, necrosis and collateral damage.