Fit all MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps to allow rigid

cranial fixation.

Integra MAYFIELD® Adult Reusable Skull Pins (Steel)
  • Black O-ring connotes a reusable product; ensures a secure fit

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Failure to read and follow instructions furnished in this product insert may result in serious patient injury. The skull clamp must be applied along a centerline of the patient’s head with pins entering the skull perpendicularly. Failure to properly position the skull clamp on the patient’s head could result in patient injury such as scalp laceration due to skull pin slippage. Failure to properly position patient and to fully secure all adjustment positions of the skull clamp or any support device may result in patient injury. These skull pins are not recommended for use on children under five (5) years of age and extreme caution should be exercised in pediatric cases because of the thin skull. MAYFIELD Child Skull Pins are recommended for young children over the age of five (5) years. It is at the discretion of the user, when the adult or child skull pins should be used. These pins are provided non-sterile. The reusable skull pins should be steam sterilized before each use. It is recommended that a second set of sterile pins be kept available in case sterile technique is compromised. Before using this product, carefully read the product insert for correct use and warnings associated with the specific skull clamp model intended to be used. Never resharpen skull pins. Dull or bent pins should be discarded and replaced. Hold the skull pins between the thumb and the forefinger on the finger grooves at the base of the pin. Insert the pins into the skull pin receptacles on the skull clamp. Push them in until they are seated firmly and cannot be inserted any further into the receptacle. Do not position the skull pins over the frontal sinuses or the temporal area of the skull. Take care to avoid major blood vessels, nerves, previously restored or abnormally thin bone.

Do not use these skull pins with the Original GARDNER brand Skull Clamp. MAYFIELD Reusable Child Skull Pins, REF A-1048 are recommended for young children over the age of 5 years, depending upon the size of the child. It is at the discretion of the surgeon when the MAYFIELD Reusable Adult Skull Pins may be used. Inspect reusable skull pins prior to each use. To maintain proper fixation, pins should be of equal length. Broken, dull, or bent pins should be replaced. It is recommended that a spare set of pins always be kept available. The skull pins must be fully seated so there is no gap between the shoulder of the skull pin and the skull clamp. Make sure the trajectory of the single Pin in the Skull Clamp intersects the center of the patient’s head and the Rocker Arm to correctly secure the patient’s head into the Skull Clamp. Skull pins should enter the scalp at a 90° angle. 60 lb. (267 N) of force is recommended for adults. 40 lb. (178 N) of force is recommended for children. All force settings are at the user’s discretion. Never exceed 80 lb. (356 N) of force. Remove skull clamp extension from the skull clamp base prior to skull pin removal. This may prevent any chance of injury during skull pin removal. Grasp skull pin between thumb and forefinger on the finger grooves at the base of pin. Pull skull pin outward and away from the receptacle.