Support/Mounting device that allows attachment
of base units to the OR table when receptacle
holes are absent or inappropriate.

Integra MAYFIELD® NeuroGen Adaptors
  • Easily attaches to OR table side rails
  • Quick, adjustable end bracket to fit a wide range of table widths
  • Provides greater lateral adjustment with multiple mounting holes for base unit attachment
  • A-1113 replaces A-1031A and A-1031B NeuroGen models

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Failure to read and follow these instructions may result in serious injury. Before using this product, carefully read the Instruction Manual for correct usage and warnings associated with any other desired support equipment. Before using the Base Unit, carefully read the product insert for correct usage and warnings.

Be certain that end brackets are correctly in place on O.R. Table side rails. Locking the NeuroGen inappropriately could cause the NeuroGen to slip off O.R. Table. Components should be returned for repair is wear is noted.