Horseshoe shaped headrest that provides cranial
support in the prone or supine position for infants
and young children.

Integra MAYFIELD® Pediatric Horseshoe Headrest
  • Vertical and lateral adjustments allow flexibility in patient positioning
  • Adjustable pad base accommodates various head sizes
  • Fluid resistant gel pads provide comfort and reduce the incidence of pressure necrosis
  • Easily cleaned

Part Number: A-1051

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Always be sure the two sets of starburst teeth mesh properly. Failure to do so may result in damage to the device. Do not immerse faceplates in liquid or expose to heat. Do not steam sterilize. Plastic components may be damaged by heat. Do not attempt to pull Gel Pads away from the Faceplate arms. Damage to the Gel Pads may occur. The MAYFIELD® Pediatric Horseshoe Headrest should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Clean all components, including the Gel Pads, with a neutral pH detergent. A soft brush can be used if necessary. Clean all components thoroughly to prevent traces of blood or debris from interfering with proper function of the device. Rinse thoroughly with de-ionized or sterile water to remove any residual detergent. Do not use an alcohol solution on the Gel Pads, immerse the Gel Pads in liquid, or expose the Gel Pads to heat via steam sterilization or any other means.