Integra MAYFIELD® Spine Table Adaptor Radiolucent

The MAYFIELD Spine Table Adaptor is intended to be used to support a patient during diagnostic examination and/or surgical procedures where a rigid support between the carbon composite parallel rails style of surgery table and skull clamp or headrest is necessary and positional freedom is required. (Item number A2600R is indicated for use when X-ray imaging modalities are required.)

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  • Easy attachment to the rails
  • Uses the familiar MAYFIELD-style locking handle
  • Self-locking lever for added security
  • Ease of positioning the patient with the familiar MAYFIELD radiolucent link arm and swivel adaptor
  • Indicated for use with X-ray modalities; CT, Fluoroscopy and Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA)
  • Failure to read and follow the instructions furnished in this product insert may result in serious patient injury.
  • Do not steam sterilize; components may be damaged by high heat leading to device damage and reduced performance.
  • When using a skull clamp or headrest with this device, be certain to securely fasten it. Failure to fully tighten all adjustment portions of this or any similar device may result in serious patient injury.
  • The user must make sure that any threaded connections are secure and starbursts have meshed (where applicable) after adjustments are complete. Failure to do so may result in serious patient injury.
  • Always make sure the Spine Table Adaptor is properly secured to the operating table.
  • The Spine Table Adaptor must not be used if the device appears to be damaged or not functioning correctly.
  • Over-tightening the mechanism adjustment screws may result in damage to the Adaptor.
  • Over-extending or overloading the Spine Table Adaptor may result in unintended movement, shortened product life and/or damage to the Adaptor.
  • Do NOT alter the construction or this device as it may result in serious patient injury.
  • The MAYFIELD Base Handle must never be in the locked position without a transitional member (or Spine Table Adaptor link arm) in its receptacle. Failure to do so may result in damage to the handle receptacle.
  • Keep fingers clear of hinge points when closing the Base Unit Locking Lever. It is recommended that the locking lever be closed using the palm of the hand.
  • Before fully tightening, always be certain that the starburst teeth of the Swivel Adaptor and other starburst fittings are the same size and properly mesh. Failure to do so may damage fittings.
  • Anydeviation from this guideline could result in damage to equipment aswell as improper cleaning and avoid damage to the equipment.