Metal Free Conversion Accessory

Integra Mayfield Budde® Halo Radiolucent Retractor System
  • Metal-Free Conversion Accessory allows for the use of the Removable Force Applicator to further limit artifact during the x-ray imaging process
  • Exchange of one ratchet extension for another is quick and easy
  • Removable Force Applicator attaches easily for use – can be removed to assure that no unwanted artifact is present
  • Reliable, consistent metal springs are employed to provide force to the skull pins

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Installation of Force Applicator; this check is important. It facilitates clamp application and removal. This starting position is necessary to allow removal of the clamp from the patient following the procedure.

The stop wheel is not a lock knob. Once full contact is achieved, do not turn the Stop Wheel further because doing so will apply additional force to the pins that will not be indicated buy the Force Applicator.