The Next Generation Imaging System


microDERM® D120 is an advanced digital dermoscopy system, with unique early skin cancer detection technology. This system is easy to use and ideal for every day practice.

Developed with input from leading dermatologists and clinicians, the microDERM system delivers high quality images for the evaluation and diagnosis of skin lesions.

Not only can microDERM increase early detection, but it reduces unnecessary excisions and increases patient communication and satisfaction.

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Camera Features

  • Standardised Images
  • Variable Magnification X15, X30, X50, X80, X120
  • High-Resolution Images
  • Patient-Friendly Camera Ergonomics
  • High Definition Overview Photos
  • Straightforward Image Management

Advantages at a Glance

  • HD Camera Chip
  • Illumination Of The Skin With Daylight Spectrum
  • Optical Zoom Magnifications X15, X50, X120
  • On-Camera Live LCD – Colour Display
  • Universal Clinical And Microscopic Images
  • USB-interface

Camera Features

  • Consistent Image Quality
  • Concise Image Performance
  • Recording Of Minimal Changes
  • Efficient, Straightforward Handling
  • Authentic Image Display
  • Intuitive Accessibility

System Feature

  • USB-Interface With Any PC Or Laptop
  • Universal Application
  • Simple Handling
  • Flexible Accessibility
  • Network-Compatible
  • Quality Images From A Single Source

The Next Generation Dermascope

Skin cancer is one of the easiest forms of cancer to cure when caught early. High quality images are essential to making the right diagnosis.

The microDERM system captures images with high resolution 3D information that can be viewed on instantly on the screen and seamlessly magnified up to 120X. As the image is magnified, integrated microprocessors adjust the exposure and color mixture to ensure standardized images.