Provides 3-point rigid cranial fixation

Integra Mayfield Modified Skull Clamp
  • Flexibility and safety in positioning of skull pins around critical areas
  • Quick-release lock enables easy removal

Part Number: A-1059

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Failure to read and follow instructions furnished in the product insert may result in serious patient injury or death. Non-Mayfield branded products used with MAYFIELD® products – We caution that we have only validated MAYFIELD products used in conjunction with the MAYFIELD product line, and as a result cannot advise you whether suppliers’ products would work properly with the MAYFIELD line of products. Never resharpen skull pins. Dull or bent pins should be replaced. Failure to properly position patient and to fully tighten all adjustable portions of this or any similar device may result in serious patient injury or death. MAYFIELD skull clamp fixation devices are not recommended for use on children under five (5) years of age and extreme caution should be exercised in pediatric cases because of the thin skull. Pressure in excess of 80 lbs. is not recommended.

Inspect reusable skull pins before each use. To maintain proper fixation, pins should be of equal length. Broken, dull, or bent pins should be replaced. It is recommended that spare pins always be kept available. Avoid the areas of the frontal sinus, temporal fossa, major blood vessels, nerves, previously restored or abnormally thin bone. Before fully tightening, always be certain that the sunburst teeth of the Swivel Adaptor and the Transitional Member fitting are the same size and mesh properly. Failure to do so may damage fittings. Do not steam sterilize. Plastic components may be damaged by the heat.