Surgical power was never so small

neoV Laser

Good things come in small packages and the neoV 980 is no exception. This small, portable, superbly designed unit delivers a powerful 20 Watt laser beam for your surgical applications in ENT, GYN, GI, Pulmonary or Orthopedics.
The neoV 980 delivering 20 Watts – World class design, performance and value.


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  • ENT
  • GYN
  • GI
  • Pulmonary
  • Orthopedics

neoV 980

  • 980nm Wavelength
  • 20 Watts of Power
  • 300 μm to 600 μm fibers available
  • Available also at 1470nm


  • 9Coagulation, excision, ablation
  • 9Endoscopic, robotic, laparoscopic


  • World-class design
  • 22 cm x 22 cm x 10 cm
  • Only 3.5 kg of weight
  • Stable output power

Ease of Use

  • Large high brightness color touch-screen
  • Easy fiber connection
  • 99 Surgeon presets
  • Portability


In Orthopedic treatment of lumbar disk herniation, the neoV 980 enables Percutaneous Laser Disk Decompression (PLDD) procedures. Laser energy is delivered by a fiber through a hollow needle to evaporate water and tissue content thereby reducing pressure and as a result, relieving back pain.


The use of laser energy at 980nm through flexible endoscopes in the field of Gastroenterology can assist in a wide variety of conditions. The strong coagulative power of the energy can be exploited to treat GI bleeders, to ablate and destroy lesions, including treatment of abnormal mucosa, or strictures.


Whether it is Central Airway Obstruction (CAO) or lesions deeper in the bronchi, the 980nm wavelength, having strong coagulation power, can assist in debulking, coagulating and removing obstructing tumors. With use of gas cooled fibers through flexible endoscopy, surgical reach can be expanded and improved.


In ENT the laser is ideal for nasal surgery including polyps, cysts, and septum treatment. Oral application for tonsillectomy, glossectomy, oral lesions, and uvulopalatoplasty is recommended, as well as laryngeal, subglottic lesions, including office-based treatments. A special kit is offered for treatment of Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR).

neoV 980 Specification

Laser Wavelength 980 nm
Display/Control Colour Touch Screen
Output Power (Laser) 20 W
Aiming Beam 53 nm, Adjustable
Fibre Connection Proprietary
Operating Modes CW, Pulsed
Power Requirements 19 VDC, 4.7 A
Dimensions (HxWxD) 10x22x22 (cm)
Weight (without case) 3.5 kg

Fiber & Kits

Bare Fiber 2.6, 300/400/600µm
Otology Probes 2.6, 300µm, Long/Short Probes
CORONA 90 Side Fire Fiber, 600µm, 1.8 OD, 3m
CORONA GC Gas Cooled, 600µm, 1.8mm OD, 3m
CORONA CD Cylindrical Diffuser, 600µm, 1.6mm OD 3m
CORONA 360 Radical emission, 600µm, 1.8mm OD, 3m
DCR kit Hand piece with 2 cannulas, sterilization tray
DCR Intubation Intubation Set, Silicone, Single Use, Sterile
Hand Pieces Stainless Steel, Various Sizes