2 surgeons perform a 3 hour spinal decompression surgery, it may be a run of the mil operation for these neurosurgeons but a life changing operation for the patient.

The patient has been suffering from sever pain in her right leg the surgeons are cutting away the bone over growth from the nerves in a bid to relief the pain.

they are using state of the art microscope which has revolutionized micro surgery  the new 3D technology allows a surgeon to look deep in to minute cavities making every single nerve visible, it even highlights cancer cells using florescent lighting and it makes the surgery safer and more efficient.

The high tech Leica microscope allows surgeon room to work in comfort.

there are 2 neurosurgical operating theaters running at green acres running every day, and with increased demand for neurosurgery the hospital decided to be the first in Africa to invest in the new Leica microscope

This 3D technology is more efficient and has helped decrease the risks generally associated with operations