The Precision And Versatility


The Pelvic Reconstruction Kit is designed for use with the Imaging Table Top and is part of the Mizuho OSI Modular Table System providing a complete orthopedic table for easy patient positioning and provides for skin or skeletal traction during open reduction of pelvic or acetabular fracture procedures.


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Allows KOCHER-LANGENBECK technique

  • Permits skeletal femur traction with foot holder
  • Leg can be stabilized at desired angle
  • Chest bolsters allow decompression of abdomen in prone position
  • Center pad with genital cutout available

Interoperative Adjustable Lateral Perineal Post

  • Adjustable lateral perineal post
  • Adjustment mechanism can increase / decrease lateral traction to patient hip
  • Allows unobstructed pelvic imaging

Variable Position Supine Perineal Post

  • Superior and inferior positioning by removable supine perineal post
  • Remote drive allows lateral adjustment
  • Enhances interoperative distraction of femur head when pin traction is not desirable

Pelvic Ring Disruption

  • In supine and prone positions
5393 Clark Socket
5840-361 T Pin
5847-02 Transverse Perineal Post Mount
5847-04 Drive Shaft, Transverse Perineal Post
5847-06 Pelvic Screw Adapter Assembly
5847-157 Hand Crank, 45 Degree
5847-175 Lower Leg Support Assembly
5847-193 PRK Bow Adapter
5847-218 Table Pad Set
5847-249 Hip Lifter
5847-320 PRK Perineal Post
5847-95 90 Degree Pin & Wire Holder
5848-03 Pelvic Reconstruction Technique Manual
5848-124 PRK Lateral Perineal Post
5848-169 Lateral Traction Bracket
5848-170 Lateral Lifter Assembly Bracket
5848-172 Traction/Lifter Assembly
5848-191 Pelvic Arc Assembly
5848-87 Hand Crank, Straight
5855-14 Traction Boot, Large
5855-15 Traction Boot, Small
5855-193 Traction Extension, Long (38″)
5855-345 Traction Unit
5855-440 Foot Plate Assy.
5855-578 Traction Extension, Short
5855-672 Traction Unit Upright, Left
5855-673 Traction Unit Upright, Right
5855-863 Traction Boot W/FT Plate, Small, LT & RT
5855-864 Traction Boot W/FT Plate, Large, LT & RT