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Pro-V treatment with the Sciton JOULE™ laser is a safe, fast and effective solution for treating venous insufficiency and is often performed on an outpatient basis. Under local anesthesia, a fiber is inserted in the vein and the heat generated by the absorption of laser energy closes the incompetent vein.

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  • Endovenous Ablation

The 1319 nm wavelength targets water in the blood, which captures heat in the vein and, since treatment temperatures are lower and injury to surrounding tissue is minimized, patient satisfaction is significantly higher compared to other hotter modalities

Varicose veins, along with edema, skin changes, dermatitis and venous ulcers, are typically caused by incompetent valves in the greater saphenous vein (GSV). Healthy valves in the veins stop the backflow of blood between heartbeats. When these valves are damaged, the blood leaks and pools in the legs and feet. This venous insufficiency puts significant pressure on the veins, causing them to bulge into varicose veins or resulting in the other symptoms associated with venous reflux disease. The Pro-V 1319 nm Nd:YAG laser is ideal for endovenous ablation of the saphenous vein for GSV insufficiency.

The Sciton ProV 1319 nm laser provides effective endovenous laser ablation of abnormal refluxing truncal veins. Absorption at 1319 nm occurs in the hydrated endothelial cells of the vein wall. 1319 nm is highly absorbed in water which enables a comfortable treatment for the patient, and causes minimal post-op swelling and bruising.

The 600-micron laser fiber is inserted into the incompetent vein through a catheter up into the sapheno femoral junction. Ultrasound is used to confirm the correct location of the fiber tip. With ultrasound assistance, tumescent fluid is delivered along the exterior of the saphenous vein.

As the fiber is pulled back, the heat generated by the laser ablates and collapses the vein wall, resulting in complete vessel occlusion. The blood is automatically re-routed through healthier veins, and the restoration of normal circulation resolves the bulging varicose veins and other symptoms of venous insufficiency. The ablated vein is eventually absorbed by the body.


Wavelength Nd: YAG 1319 nm
Energy 100 – 500 mJ
Power 12 Watts
Treatment Speed 1 mm / second
Repetition Rate up to 50 Hz
Fiber Size 600 µm open source
Fiber Type Optical Laser Fiber, Sterile, Single Use Only