Advanced Surgical Positioning with Revolutionary Hinge Technology


proAXIS® Spinal Surgery Table

Designed to support the biomechanical aspects of spinal and imaging procedures, proAXIS® features software-controlled advanced hinge technology that allows for flexion and extension, providing direct visualization of intraoperative changes in spinal alignment.

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proAXIS® Spinal Surgery Table offers the choice of two positioning Hinge Modes, Fixed Surgical Site and Fixed End, to allow for optimal patient positioning and surgical site control. proAXIS® can be easily reconfigured from an open frame spinal platform to an imaging top using the removable two-piece supine top with built-in slide translation.  The table’s positioning and operating functions are controlled by an intelligent hand pendant, the IntelliPENDANT®, which displays real time information on the table’s state and provides continual user feedback.
  • Prone, supine and lateral patient positioning allowing for flexion and extension
  • Radiolucent hinge allows for unrestricted O-arm® and C-arm access
  • Direct visualization of intra-operative changes in spinal alignment
  • Total spine access: cervical, thoracic and lumbar
  • Torso Trolley® integrates patient movement with hinge movement maintaining neutral upper body position with coordinated patient translation
  • Adjustable Chest Slide for optimum patient positioning
  • The IntelliPENDANT®, a software-driven hand pendant, controls all table functions: Floor Locks, Height, Lateral Roll, Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg and Return to Level
  • Removable two-piece carbon fiber supine tops with pad and built-in translation slide convert open frame to a platform for supine and lateral positioning
  • Cervical Mounting Device permits cranial stabilization option
  •  ProneView® Protective  Helmet System offers head and eye protection for the prone patient
  • Tempur-Pedic® Medical Pad technology incorporated into all patient surfaces.
  • Advanced Control Pad System™ (ACP) stimulates hip/thigh pressure points during surgery with prone patient
  • Auxiliary Panel provides a secondary source for controlling table motion
  • Powered Floor Locks


proAXIS®  Supports Evolving Technologies and Procedures:

  • Dynamic Stablization
  • Motion Preservation
  • Laminectomies
  • Lumbar Total Discs
  • Spinal Fusions – Lateral, Anterior, Posterior, Transforaminal
  • Interspinous Process Spacers
  • Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomies (PSO)
  • Anterior and Posterior Cervical Procedures

Positioning Capabilities:

  • Prone
  • Supine
  • Lateral
Two Hinge Modes Fixed Surgical Site (FSS), Fixed End (FE)
Total Table Length 122-138 inches (310 – 351 cm) dependent on where the table is in its range of movements.
Storage Length 80 inches (204 cm)
Table Top Length 81 inches (206 cm)
Table Top Width – Prone 19 inches (48 cm)
Table Top Width – Supine/Lateral 21 inches (53 cm)
Height Range 20 inches – 47 inches (51 cm – 119 cm)
Hinge Angle Range -20  to +35 degrees
Lateral Tilt (left/right) 0 – 15 degrees
Trendelenburg 0 – 15 degrees from the Home position
Reverse Trendelenburg 0 – 20 degrees from the Home position
Home Position Height of 32 inches (81 cm) from top of hinged frame to floor with a level table top
Patient Weight 500 pounds (227 kg)

*Subject to Change

6988-887 Rail Mount, Left
6988-899 Rail Mount, Right
6988-950 Chest Tray
6988-530 5-way Articulating Arm Board with bracket (2)
6987 proAXIS® IntelliPENDANT®
6988-758 proAXIS® Chest Pad
6988-969 Cervical Chest Tray
6988-209 Cervical Management Table Adaptor
6988-725 Cervical Traction Vector Adjustor
6988-399 Contoured ACP Hip Pads (1 pair)
D28590CE Re-Usable ProneView® Adjustable Mirror Platform
D28501CE Re-Usable ProneView® Helmet
6988-880 Retractor Adaptor (1) (provides 6 in. (15 cm) of standard side rail)
5840-43 60 in. (152 cm) Safety Strap (2)
6977-739 Buttocks Strap
5840-450 Adjustable Leg Sling
6844-148 Leg Boards (2)
6946 Tempur-Pedic® Medical Positioning Pillows Standard
6947 Tempur-Pedic® Medical Positioning Pillows (2) Queen
6988-623 Supine Top, Head-End Assembly
6988-621 Supine Top, Foot-End Assembly
6988-442 Tempur-Pedic® Medical 2-inch (5 cm) Supine Top Pad
5855-550 Supine Top Patient Safety Strap (2)
6977-959 Universal Side Rail Adaptor (4) (provides 6 inches (15 cm) of standard side rail)
6988-900 proAXIS® Accessory Cart
6988-80 proAXIS® Cart Cover
6988-70 proAXIS® Table Cover
6988-90 Spar Protective Storage Covers (2)

*Subject to Change