The Precision And Versatility


For Arthroscopic and open shoulder surgery
The Ultra Shoulder Positioner® provides a safe, convenient and stable method of maintaining patients in the “beach chair” position for arthroscopic open shoulder surgery and joint replacement. It is designed to easily attach to any general surgery table.

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Headrest wings retract posteriorly creating a totally obstruction-free space around the patient’s head for the anesthetist. With the wings in place and head strap positioned, the headrest becomes a secure head support.

The cervical flexion angle for a kyphotic patient is easily accommodated with the adjustable headrest.

The headrest tilts laterally up to 30˚ in either direction.

  • Minimizes setup tasks
  • Eliminates lateral decubitus positioning concerns
  • Fits all surgical table models
  • Offers effective solution for precise shoulder positioning
  • The center mounted support rod assures unobstructed radiolucency at the surgical site.
  • The radiolucent backrest has a low contour for optimal shoulder access both anteriorly and posteriorly.
  • All release levers and adjustment knobs are readily located for convenient access and easier positioning of the patient.
  • The headrest adjusts superiorly and inferiorly to accommodate the patient’s height.

Positioning Capabilities:

  • Beach chair

Headrest Translation

Anterior Range 5 in.
Longitudinal Range 8.5in.
Lateral Tilt 30°
Patient Weight Capacity 400 lb.
Ultra Weight 29 lb.