About Woundclot

WoundClot was designed to answer several inherent conflicts between technology limitations, user requirements, and clinical challenges both in the field and in the operating room.The first challenge was to design a non-active bio-absorbable product which will dissolve fairly quickly to avoid clinical complications, while at the same time be strong enough to handle massive hemorrhage for enough time to allow both the natural biological process to take place and the definitive treatment of the patient either in the field or at the hospital.

The second challenge was to improve the performance of the hemostat by creating a biological homeostasis, rather than a pressure barrier based homeostasis, that forms a stable and natural clot which could alleviate invasive procedures in some cases, and dramatically shortening patient treatment in all cases.

WoundClot is the first Class III bio-absorbable hemostat that is approved for the treatment of severe bleeding. It is biologically active and stable on the wound site for 24 – 36 hours, before dissolving completely within 7 days.