Brainlab ExacTrac Dynamic®

Intamed | Brainlab ExacTrac Image-guided Radiotherapy

Brainlab ExacTrac Dynamic®

Image-Guided Radiotherapy.

ExacTrac® is a clinically proven platform for highly accurate patient positioning and tumour targeting. This highly automated image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) system enables precise patient setup in a quick two-minute process. The room-based design offers continuous tracking of patient movement, including X-Ray verification, throughout the whole treatment, even at rotated table angles.

With ExacTrac, patients can be easily positioned and monitored with the system’s integrated optical tracking system. In addition, the system uses high-resolution stereoscopic X-Ray images acquired before or during treatment delivery, or between fields, to instantly detect and visualise internal structures and their displacement.

ExacTrac provides a proprietary 6D (x/y/z along with angular) fusion and robotic alignment in a quick, automated two minute process. A selective, intelligent algorithm allows for the elimination of artifacts and ambiguities caused by objects not rigidly correlated to the target structure.

A Complete IGRT System.

ExacTrac Monitors

The imaging system consists of two kV X-Ray units recessed into the treatment room floor and two ceiling-mounted amorphous silicon flat panel detectors.

ExacTrac Facilitates

The architecture of ExacTrac allows for instantaneous imaging of internal structures (without moving any detectors or imaging units into position) anytime during beam-on.

ExacTrac Positions

ExacTrac provides a fully integrated robotic module that allows for optimal patient positioning in all six degrees of freedom enabling an improved setup accuracy.

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