Integra BUDDE® Halo

Intamed | Integra Budde Halo Cranial Stabilisation

Integra BUDDE® Halo

Intamed | Integra Budde Halo Retractor Cranial Stabilisation System

Neurosurgical Retractor System

Limit uncertainty in meeting everyday demands of the neurosurgical OR with trusted performance in cranial stabilisation and fixation with Integra’s Budde® Halo Neurosurgical Retractor System. 

Designed to significantly reduce artifact during intracranial procedures in which retraction of delicate brain tissue is required.

Attaches to the MAYFIELD® Skull Clamps or to the side rails of the OR table to provide a sturdy platform for retraction and a ready support or hand rest for the surgeon.

Limit Uncertainty with Functional Flexibility


Radiolucent components allow the system to remain in place during intraoperative imaging for optimal efficiency.


Double-hinged ContinuTrac™ halo ring provides 360 degrees of uninterrupted retractor arm placement for ultimate flexibility.

Ease of Use

The Integra Budde® Halo's low profile design allows for ease of instrument passage within the surgical field.

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