Sciton mJoule

Intamed | Sciton mjoule surgical laser | Halo, BBL Hero, Moxi

Sciton mJoule

Forever change how you treat skin.

The mJOULEplatform redefines standards for affordable quality and versatility. Because results matter at every budget.

  • BBL® HEROhelps turn back the visible signs of ageing anywhere on the body.
  • MOXIopens the door to a younger prejuvenationpatient.
  • Forever Young powered by BBL® HERO delivers more power and results for you and your patients.
  • Versatile and synergistic treatments.
  • Single-targeted treatments to regular skin care regimens.

Simply Radiant Skin. From Head to Toe.


Opens the door to the prejuvenationpatient;  gentle treatments for vibrant-looking skin; quick comfortable treatments with little to no downtime.

Affordable & Expandable

Affordable and expandable;
choose one or two modalities,
and add a second module in the future.

BBL Hero

Quickly treat large areas with outstanding result-oriented outcomes; world-renowned Family of BBL treatments; powerful, robust, and proven efficacy.

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