Mizuho | OSI Levó™ Head Positioning System

Intamed | Mizuho OSI Levo Modular Head Positioning System

Mizuho | OSI Levó™

Intamed | Mizuho OSI Levo Modular Head Positioning System

Head Positioning System

The Mizuho | OSI Levó Head Positioning System brings a new level of control and precision to head positioning for all prone spine procedures.

Using the Levó, a spine surgeon can make precise adjustments to the cervical spine in a fluid yet controlled way, both before and during the procedure without breaking scrub.

Simple, safe, and easy to engage, the product’s modular design offers the flexibility needed to support even the most challenging spine cases.

Levó’s electro-mechanical design provides for a quick and secure release and locking mechanism, allowing the user to safely move the head to the exact desired position. With no starbursts to loosen and adjust, less time is spent on positioning, so patients can be moved out of the OR and into recovery much sooner.

Changing how you think about head positioning.

Safe Patient Rotation

The Levó facilitates safe and secure positioning of the patient’s head during 180° patient rotations from supine to prone.

Intraoperative Controls

The Levó is designed to give the surgical team control over intraoperative adjustments without having to break scrub or disturb the sterile field.

Prone Platform

The Prone Platform supports enhanced head positioning when used with the ProneView® Helmet or GentleTouch® Pillow.

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