Leica PROvido

Intamed | Leica PROvido surgical microscope

Leica PROvido

Intamed | Leica PROvido surgical microscope

Multidisciplinary Surgical Microscope

See more of the surgical site in one view so you can progress seamlessly through your next procedure with the PROvido floor stand surgical microscope.

PROvido provides you with a bright, fully-focused view deeper into narrow cavities. A challenge that occurs daily in otolaryngology and spine procedures. With exclusive Fusion Optics technology and concentrated xenon light PROvido unites the advantages of premium surgical optics for the first time with a responsive, stable floor stand.

No need to search for vital details or constantly refocus. Work smoothly and confidently throughout your procedure with the PROvido multidisciplinary microscope that allows you to see more, simply.

See More, Simply.


FusionOptics unites an enhanced depth of field with high resolution and delivers unsurpassed visualisation. 

Lighting Your Way

SAI improves your visualisation by distributing light more evenly and reducing shadows deep into narrow channels.

Get Into Position

Easily position the PROvido at the angle you need with the lightest touch thanks to electromagnetic brakes and AC/BC balancing system.

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