Intamed | Söring HEPACCS ultrasonic aspiration


Intamed | Söring HEPACCS ultrasonic aspiration

Cutting-Edge Dissection Experience

HEPACCS instruments offer the latest technology, excellent design and a variety of product options for open and laparoscopic liver surgery.

The new DELTΔ Tissue Technology is incorporated in all HEPACCS instruments, leading to optimised tissue effects. Using HEPACCS the dissection is very precise and desired structures are kept intact. The light-weight and well-balanced HEPACCS instruments feel natural in the surgeon’s hand and offer easy and comfortable working.

For current and future needs the HEPACCS assortment provides a wide range of product solutions – comprising a fully integrated HF coagulation function and a laparoscopic sonotrode with an outstanding small sheath diameter for even more minimal invasive procedures.

Surgical Precision. Cutting-Edge Dissection.

Comfortable Working

The well-balanced and
44% ligther instrument
supports comfortable working.

DELT∆ Tissue Technology

Consisting of four key components,
which are systematically harmonised
for optimised tissue effects.

Easy Handling

Only one tubing and one instrument cable
result in a tidied-up sterile OR area
for easy handling.

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