Leica M320 D

Intamed | Leica M320 D surgical microscope

Leica M320 D

Intamed | Leica M320 D surgical microscope

Dental Microscope

Enjoy better visualisation during surgical and non-surgical dental procedures, benefit from increased physical comfort, and show your expertise with astounding 4K images.

With the M320 dental microscope, you can achieve better treatment results and optimise outcomes through high-precision micro-dentistry. 

The ergonomic microscope design of the M320 enhances your physical comfort and thus increases efficiency in different fields including restorative dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry as well as periodontics and implantology.

Inspired By Dentists

Strengthen Patient Trust

Reinforce trust by walking your patient and their families through the steps of a procedure using live images or video playback.

Share Your Expertise

The integrated 4K camera and recording system available allows dental experts to document procedures in ultra-high resolution.

Enhance Your Comfort

Adapt the M320 to your body frame and preferences, positioning it quickly and accurately with the lightest touch.

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