Mizuho | OSI Modular Table System

Intamed | Mizuho OSI modular table system

Mizuho |OSI MTS

Intamed | Mizuho OSI modular table system

Modular Table System

The Mizuho | OSI Modular Table System is a versatile system that delivers precise and stable positioning, with interchangeable tops for spinal, imaging and orthopaedic trauma procedures.

Part of the original modular system, the Spinal Surgery Top offers an open frame design for posterior spinal surgery, while the Radiolucent Imaging Top provides a platform that supports a variety of procedures requiring supine and lateral positioning. When used together, these two tops can facilitate a patient being repositioned from prone to supine through the System’s 180-degree rotation capabilities. The third modular piece, the Orthopaedic Trauma Top, provides complete surgery positioning for lower trauma extremity procedures.

Each modular top is constructed of carbon fibre, providing excellent radiolucency for unobstructed imaging.

Reliable, Efficient and Versatile

Advanced Positioning

The MTS works with three interchangeable tops, specifically designed to support patient positioning in a variety of procedures.

Procedures Made Easy

The Mizuho | OSI Modular Table System provides for either skin or skeletal traction during key trauma procedures.

Exceptional Access

The Modular Table Systems' Radiolucent Imaging Top with its carbon fibre construction provides complete radiolucency.

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