Viasonix Dolphin Transcranial Doppler

Intamed | Viasonix Dolphin Doppler

Viasonix Dolphin Transcranial Doppler

Intamed | Viasonix Dolphin transcranial doppler

Dolphin/MAX is the Ultimate All-in-One TCD Machine

The Viasonix Dolphin is a transcranial Doppler machine with an integrated rechargeable battery.

The Dolphin/MAX is the ideal portable TCD system for measurements of cerebral blood flow in Neurology, ICU, and Neurosurgery settings.

Experience fully digital Doppler technology with the amazing Dolphin TCD post-processing capabilities, review and replay the blood flow waveforms with audio at any depth, and discover unmatched clinical diagnosis capabilities.

Continuous Monitoring Made Easy

Durability and Reliability

The Viasonix Dolphin is considered by many as the most reliable Transcranial Doppler machine in the market.


The slim and lightweight design of the Dolphin TCD machines allows ideal and comfortable portability.

20 MHz

The Viasonix Dolphin/MAX Transcranial Doppler boasts a built-in integrated battery that lasts for hours.

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