Integra Mayfield® 2

Intamed | Integra Mayfield 2 Cranial Stabilisation system

Integra Mayfield® 2

Intamed | Integra Mayfield 2 skull clamps for Cranial Stabilisation

Cranial Stabilisation System

The Integra Mayfield® 2 Cranial Stabilisation System is engineered from strong and lighter weight material to facilitate precision, control, and performance to help you achieve the precise head position that you need.

Innovative, high-performance PEEK thermoplastic material is made to stand up to the everyday rigours of the operating room. Used in aerospace and automotive products, it reduces the clamp weight and improves handling, allowing you to focus on achieving the best head position. Postprocedure, automatic washing adds a new level of convenience.

Positioned for Success

Precise Positioning

51% more ratcheting teeth close the device in finer increments while reducing, by half, the amount of pressure required to close the device securely.

Smooth Closure

The I-beam design reduces unintentional movement when opening and closing the device, facilitating greater control when positioning or releasing the patient.


The closed-architecture locking knob prevents surgical debris accumulation deep within the mechanism which may improve long-term performance and reduce repairs.

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