Intamed | Söring LEVICS ultrasonic aspiration


Intamed | Söring LEVICS ultrasonic aspiration

Ultrasonic Aspiration Merged with IONM

Tumours located close to the corticospinal tract are very challenging to resect. While the maximum extent of the tumour shall be removed, functional structures need to be kept intact. To address this challenge with a maximised clinical outcome, two technologies were combined:
– LEVICS Ultrasonic tumour aspiration
– Inomed stimulation clip for  Intraoperative neuromonitoring

LEVICS empowers a new standard of mapping, with higher accuracy and safer resection. By simply attaching the Inomed stimulation clip to the LEVICS instrument, LEVICS turns simultaneously into a stimulation and resection device. This enables an interruption-free workflow and provides the surgeon with permanent acoustic feedback about the distance to the corticospinal tract. LEVICS with IONM thus improves the accuracy of mapping and safety during tumour resection.

Clinical Outcome Maximised. Safety Optimised.

Simplified Intraoperative Ergonomics

Stimulation and resection
is performed with only
one device.

Higher Mapping Accuracy

The tissue is stimulated
right at the place
of resection.

Safer Resection Process

Continuous acoustic feedback
is given regarding the distance
of the corticospinal tract.

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