Leica M822

Intamed | Leica M822 surgical microscope

Leica M822

Intamed | Leica M822 surgical microscope

Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope

If you primarily perform cataract surgeries but would like a reliable microscope for other anterior as well as posterior segment surgeries, the M822 ophthalmic surgical microscope from Leica Microsystems is a perfect fit.

Benefit from optimal visualisation from cataract to glaucoma surgery, based on high-quality Leica optics and the dual direct illumination system with a combination of LED and Halogen for astounding images.

See well. Perform well.

Optimal Visualisation

The combination of high-transmission Leica optics and dual illumination makes for brilliant images, a prerequisite for smooth surgeries.

Direct Illumination

The light source is directly in the optics carrier. Thus, surgeons can keep light levels down whilst still seeing clearly.

Ergonomic Support

Seamless control via footswitch and microscope handle avoids unnecessary movement and a strained posture.

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